Bluespace Karma Mod

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Bluespace Karma Mod

Post by itsallaboutmusic » ... &t=1861325

The only style that the above mod will not work is Bluespace. It even works on your new css Midnightspace.

If you look at my other styles in viewtopic and view profile you will see +- icons but if you go to Bluespace notta. I even installed a fresh version thinking something was corrupt then did the style edits again, nothing.

Something is a tad different in Blue then your other styles and I can not figure it out. I know you like a good challenge so have at it.

Easy mod to install yes it 3.06 phpbb or better. I always test it on a dummy style so hmmm what could it be?

Trust you are all well here in Spaceland and I am really looking forward to that new style so far it looks great!!!!!!
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Re: Bluespace Karma Mod

Post by spaceace »

looking at the elements of the styles on the same post, something is not getting parsed.

in Bluespace, the image is coming up as
Code: Select all
but in the other styles, it's showing as
Code: Select all
for some reason, if i manually input the data, it shows. somewhere, the style is not picking up the image data.

try refreshing the theme and imageset for Bluespace again and see if it shows up. if not, i'll need ftp and admin access to look at the files as that's the only way i can help more.
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Re: Bluespace Karma Mod

Post by angleblue63 »

i have my portal changed around the way i like to see it. moving things from left to right as i see fit, so don't be surprised if things look different on your site than mine. i still haven't updated any of my sites yet
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